Let's talk spring & summer fashion trends. This year there is a lot to look forward to. Skirts, vests, shade of purple, emerald green & more - so where do we even start?

We've compiled our top NZ picks for the spring fashion trends to wear this season to help narrow it down.

1.        FLORALS

They seem to come back every year, but this summer they are back - bigger than ever. Large scale blooms were seen on the runway at London Fashion Week, it was all about the bright and punchy hues for maximum impact. Also the abstract floral is definitely trending.

Florals are the go-to print for spring-summer seasons, often popular for wedding guests. They offer a timeless femininity, the bolder palettes give a nod to the dopamine dressing trend that dominated last year, giving a mood-boosting colour pop at every opportunity.

Florals are always worth the investment, as it’s a look that will never go out of style.

top summer trend - florals


While pastels are the staple for spring, this season hues of purple are making a breakthrough. Lilac has adorned everything from casual separates to special occasion pieces and it seems that purple tones across the spectrum are here to stay.

Like the vibrancy of a purple pansy or the brightness of fresh lavender, the hue lends itself to the arrival of spring. While the pastel iteration was by far the most popular at New York Fashion Week, richer, deeper hues look particularly chic paired with lighter, lavender pieces for a tonal ensemble. Yes the suit looks is also here!

Better still based on what we have seen at the NY Fashion Week 2023 shows, lavender and lilac hues are set to remain big right through autumn and winter making for an excellent investment - plus some fun!

top summer trends - purple

3.     SHIRTS

From classic white button-down shirts paired with skirts to multi coloured striped shirts with jeans , this spring the versatility of shirts has no limits. The oversized shirt is quickly becoming a wardrobe staple, it both bold and easy.

There are so many styling options when it comes to the over sized shirt, but a favourite for summer is wearing it partially open or tucked in on side for a warm weather, relaxed vibe that can work at the office or the beach.  

top summer trend - shirts


Lace detailing is a great look for spring, as the lighter fabric and cut out detailing lends itself to warm weather. Over the past few seasons, we have seen an increased leaning towards artisan detailing and also broidery anglaise.

The foundation of this trend is lace fabric, whether this be as a trim on a skirt or top or as the main fabric of a top. Look for lace over vintage inspired shapes to offer a more modern perspective, adding a romantic touch to any outfit. It's the details that count!

top summer trends - lace detailing


The wider the better this season. Whether they’re colourful dress pants or jeans, wide leg trousers have continued to rise in popularity. While wide leg is a broad term, there are so many different styles that fit under that category.

There is quite literally something for everyone.
The core styles we have seen popping up are loose taper or tulip, puddle jeans, tailored joggers and cargos. Each one of these could easily be their own category but all in all they have a nice loose fit and are more elevated than your classic blue denim. 

top summer trend - wide leg pants


As far as hemlines are concerned the maxis have been out in full force. There has been a shift in dress length (back to being more of a mid length) but the skirts have shifted to be longer!

The main draw factor in this trend is the versatility of a maxi skirt. Maxis can be worn from 9am to 9pm and from desk to dinner table. Simply change your top and accessories and you have a whole new look.

For the shorties out there don’t worry if a skirt is too long when you try it on – quite often your local dry cleaners will have an alterations service. Just have them take off the necessary inches if needs be, and make sure the fit is as flattering as can be while they’re at it.

top summer trends - maxi skirts

7.     LINENS-  Natural fibres

Linen is the ultimate summer staple that is chic, versatile and sustainable. It’s also incredibly breathable and naturally temperature-regulating, meaning it will keep you cool in the heat and warm in the chill. Linen is also durable, easy to care for, and it gets softer with every wash!

Linen everything is all over the fashion scene this year, tops, pants, dresses – you name it there will be a linen version. They key with all of these is that they can either be nice and simple or maximalist.

top summer trend - linen

8.    VESTS

Vests have entered the fashion group chat in a major way and it doesn’t look like they are leaving any time soon.

Whether as a stand alone top, base layers or part of a summer suit, the vest comes in many forms.

It’s a comfortable and elegant addition to your wardrobe, which can help make your outfits stand out more.

Remember to have fun with fashion.
Release the inner fashionista you have! 

A recap of the 8 fashion trends for summer 2023

1.       Floral everything
2.      Shades of purple
3.      Shirts 
4.      Lace detailing
5.     Wide leg pants
6.     Maxi skirts
7.      Linens
8.     Vests

Most of all - just embrace them!


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top summer trend - vets