7 Fashion Tips For 60 Year Old Women

1.        Being Over 60 Doesn’t Define What You Wear 

I don’t want to be "Mutton dressed as lamb” I hear this a lot instore. Am I too old for this?
Right let’s get this straight - Clothes DO NOT have an age. With a couple of exceptions – Let’s rule out crop tops, cut off shorts and anything you would not feel comfortable in! Your style and look have to come from within.

A common question is "Should I dress more conservative now I’m older?”
My advice for this would be. What feels good – wear that. Then try new things. Explore some colour. Add textures. You have no boundaries. When you compliment others on what they are wearing – you obviously like that style. Why don’t you try it out?

Most women over 60 have more self-confidence and know who they are. Fashion is personal – you don’t have to like what everyone wears. Fashion is fun and it’s all about YOU. Simple terms - If you FEEL GOOD - you are NOT mutton dressed as lamb

top fashion tips over 60 - lilac dress

2.     Choose comfort & style with 10% trends

Trends come and go. You do not have to be right there with them all the time. But it is great to have a taste of them on rotation. Because fashion is fun.
But let’s be honest you want to be comfortable and stylish more than just follow a trend. So, keep the trends down to 10%

Choose your lifestyle over trends. Are you the sporty granny?  Try some tricked up trackpants and colourful tees. 
Are you the crazy granny? How about a colourful dress with simple sneakers (so you can still chase them around).

Your lifestyle helps define your style.
But be careful comfort doesn't mean sloppy!

top fashion tips - trendy granny

3.     Dress in Clothes That Fit

Properly fitting clothes create definition and outline your shape in the best way possible. When the seams and darts align properly, they have the ability to uplift and shape you. There is nothing worse than wearing an oversized cardi, big pants andsloppy tees. Create structure. Make definition. Add a blazer instead of a cardi.

As you progress through life your body changes. You size might not have changed but your shape may have. Its always a good idea to measure yourself and your clothes that fit well.  For example, if you’re a size 12. And you know your bust fits well in a 50cm wide top (lying flat). Then that is your key measurement when shopping online. A lot of styles even within brands differ.

Sometimes as we get older, we think wearing bigger is better. Or we have desires to fit into something as we are ‘losing weight’. I believe you need to dress / buy for NOW. Not later. There is nothing worse than still seeing the pants you bought for when you lost that ‘kgs, still hanging in your wardrobe.
Embrace the change. Be open to new shapes you have never tried. It might just surprise you, something that never used to suit now does.
Experiment until you feel good.
Remember no one sees the size tag – ever! So cut it off if that’s what’s holding you back on shopping what fits rather than size!

top fashion tips - clothes that fit

4.       If You Have Got It – Flaunt It!

When we get over 60 our body evolves naturally.
Quite often our tummy might get a little rounder and our legs get skinner. 
Show off these legs!
Wear your skinny jeans with a free flowing top.
Or wear a dress to the knee rather than a midi length.

5.       Be Bold

It's your time to shine. Embrace your ever-changing body and start trying some colour. Try big prints and patterns.
If that doesn’t feel right? Well why don’t you just start with a colourful handbag and bright pink earrings instead.
Your confidence will grow. Just start trying a little bit here and there.

top fashion tips be bold

6.  Clean out that wardrobe.

Now I’m now saying get rid of any nostalgic. Put them in a box for later, or for your kids to find and reinvent later.
I’m saying go through that wardrobe and get rid of anything that doesn’t make you feel your best.
Doesn’t fit – get rid of it.
Haven’t worn it in a year? Time to drop off a box at the Salvation Army.

A good way to figure out what you haven’t worn – is to face all your clothes one way.
And when you wear a piece move it to the back and face it the right way.
So, everything you don’t reach for will be at the front and facing the wrong way. Get rid of it! 

7.    Pay Attention To Fabrics

Choose natural and breathable fabrics. Both in winter and summer.
Getting older we feel the heat more, or we get cold easily. Looking and understanding fabrics is key to being comfortable.

Natural fibres mean excess odour or heat is passed through the fabric rather than being held against the body. Choose cotton and linen in summer. Viscose is also a nice fabric; it is a manmade fibre but made from wood pulp. It also drapes nicely – but beware can also shrink when washing. See more on looking after your fabrics here.
Not all fabrics are created equal either. Feel it, see that it looks durable and has a nice soft handle.

Merino is brilliant. It is very breathable and reacts to body temperature. Warm in the cold and cool when it’s hot. On all of our descriptions we note the fabric content and also have a natural fibres section here.

It’s time to embrace being over 60.
It’s time to have fun with fashion.
Release the inner fashionista you have! 

top tips fashion casual granny

Remember the top 7 fashion tips for over 60 women

1.       Being over 60 doesn’t define what you wear
2.      Choose comfort & style with 10% trends
3.      Dress in Clothes That Fit
4.      If you have got it – flaunt it!
5.      Be Bold
6.      Clean out that wardrobe.
7.       Pay attention to fabrics

Most of all - just embrace it!