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Hi there!
I'm Sophie, the third generation in this family business. In 1960, my grandad John Preen started Miss Timaru, he built up an iconic destination. Our customers always tell us great stories from when they shopped all those years ago and what item of clothing they still have in their wardrobe! Dad (aka Tony), a trained accountant with a flair for fashion took over the business about 30 years ago. He created Preen (originally named Paddington's) in Oamaru and Timaru.

My passion is design, specialising in Retail Design. I studied in Wellington, then moved Melbourne. I loved this lifestyle, amazing cafes, art, good fashion and sport. After 8 quick years (in 2013) my husband and I moved back to Timaru when we needed a new challenge.

I grew up at the shops and always worked in between school and University. I absolutely LOVE being a part of a special community of women who appreciate style and want to look and feel good. That has been the backbone of our core goal at Preen.
Empowering women to look and feel great.
At Preen we are a happy family. We treat all our sisters (yes you) with HONEST (as sisters do!) style support. We welcome with open arms any shape, size or age. We have a wide variety of labels for you to ensure we suit all parts of your busy life. Our sister community is why we are here, we love to help YOU and offer a personalised service to ensure you feel confident in your new wardrobe.

We help you by giving outfit inspiration, trend updates and insights you will enjoy.
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Now, we really want to get to know you! Flick me an email (sophie@preen.co.nz) and tell us your fashion stories, tell us your style and what your needs (wants) are. We are here to help you.

Talk soon
Sophie Preen Xx

'Empowering women to look and feel great'
Preen - Your Fashion Destination

Let us get to know you!

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