Age Doesn't Define What You Wear

Clothes do not have an age

Fashion Hot Tips #2

I don’t want to be "Mutton dressed as lamb” I hear this a lot instore. Am I too old for this? Right let’s get this straight - Clothes DO NOT have an age. With a couple of exceptions – Let’s rule out crop tops, cut off shorts and anything you would not feel comfortable in! Your style and look have to come from within.

A common question is "Should I dress more conservative now I’m older?” My advice for this would be. What feels good – wear that. Then try new things. Explore some colour. Add textures. You have no boundaries. When you compliment others on what they are wearing – you obviously like that style. Why don’t you try it out?

Most women over 60 have more self-confidence and know who they are. Fashion is personal – you don’t have to like what everyone wears. Fashion is fun and it’s all about YOU. Simple terms - If you FEEL GOOD - you are NOT mutton dressed as lamb

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Love Sophie xx

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  • Thanks so much for your comments, they totally make sense. I am turning 74 shortly, have purchased quite a few items from you and been  happy, have gone bold and sometimes conservative but what you have said does resonate with me. Many thanks xx

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