Let's Build A Capsule Wardrobe

The ultimate guide: how to build a

capsule wardrobe

So what is a capsule wardrobe and how do you build one? This guide is perfect for beginners and will teach you how to build your dream capsule wardrobe in just three easy steps!

If you're new to the concept, you may be wondering what exactly is a capsule wardrobe?

To put it simply a capsule wardrobe is a collection of clothing composed easily interchanged items designed to maximize the number of outfits that you can create. 

Essentially, a capsule wardrobe allows you to create a variety of different looks with a small collection of clothes. 

Benefits of a capsule wardrobe

There are so many benefits to having a capsule wardrobe. Here are some upsides:

  • You'll have less decision fatigue. You may worry that having fewer clothes will feel too limiting, but as it turns out, having fewer options make it significantly easier to decide what to wear. It also helps you get more creative with your wardrobe!
  • Capsule wardrobes are better for the planet. Purchasing fewer clothes has significantly less impact on the environment.
  • You can afford nicer pieces. When you stop making impulse decisions, you have more money to invest in timeless, high quality pieces that will last multiple seasons - or in many cases, years. At the end of the day you want to wear each item as much as possible, without losing the fun of fashion!
  • You'll reduce unnecessary stress and overwhelm. Clutter increases cortisol, the body's primary stress hormone. By downsizing your wardrobe, you clear physical clutter from your home, and your closet suddenly becomes a more open and calming environment. Also, getting dressed is stress-free when you have a wardrobe of clothes you love, know how to wear, fit you well, and make you feel confident. 

Step 1: Pull Everything out!

We're going Marie Kondo on this. Go on and pull out all. the. things. I know it's terrifying and makes you feel like a hoarder, but that's the point. Seeing everything you have all in one place is essential to the process and actually makes it easier to part ways with things. We've all been there clearing out our wardrobes thinking "There's no way I need half of this stuff!"

If you don't have an entire day, or the physical and emotional energy to tackle your entire wardrobe (it's quite a daunting task), by all means break it up. Just pull everything out from whatever area you're working on. The three main places to hit are:

  1. Closet
  2. Dresser(s)
  3. Wherever you keep your outerwear, accessories & special occasion stuff (so think shoes, bags, winter coats, formal dresses etc.)

Ok, everything out? great! Now what?

Step 2: Get Sorting.

Put everything into "YES" , "NO" and "MAYBE" piles

YES: Versatile pieces you wear often and LOVE or in more simple terms items that bring you joy!

NO: Items you haven't worn in a long time (think more than one season ago); pieces you no longer love, regardless of whether or not you currently wear them; clothes that are stained or damaged beyond repair; items that no longer fit, flatter or make you feel good. 

MAYBE: Items that fall somewhere in between YES and NO. Again, don't overthink it. Just sort and move on. 

Ok, you now have three massive piles in front of you. Stuff you love. Stuff you maybe sorta kind of like and maybe sorta kind of fit, but not really. And stuff you'd rather pretend you never wore. Fantastic!

Step 3: Put the YES pile back. 

Do not  worry about folding everything perfectly. Fold items in a way that you will be able to maintain. If Marie Kondo is your spirit animal, by all means, but I know that type of folding isn't sustainable for me, nor is it necessary, especially if you don't have a lot of clothing.

Donate or sell the NOs.

Put the MAYBEs in an empty suitcase or a box and move them somewhere out of sight and inconvenient to access. That way you have to not only remember what you want to reclaim, but care enough to go get it.

What ever you don't go back for within one month becomes a NO. But don't worry we're not saying throw away those forever pieces, one off pieces or something that has sentimental value. 

If you need a nap at this point, go for it (I know I do). Step 4 and 5 are best done when you're feeling fresh.

Step 4: Refine and redefine.

Spend a little time getting reacquainted with your newer, simpler wardrobe. Create a few 'new' outfits by pairing pieces you never thought to wear together before. Take photos in the mirror of these outfits to look back on for inspiration later.

Have a couple of your stylish friends over for wine and a try-on session one night. Chances are they'll mix and match pieces you never thought to, giving you a few more outfits options than had you done it solo.

Step 5: Fill the gaps. 

The biggest gaps are usually staples you need to replace or add that will work with several outfits.

For example, I donated a pair of black ankle boots that were too small, but I quickly realised I can really use a pair of black ankle boots for several different outfits! I'm still on the hunt for the perfect pair because none have quite sparked joy just yet. 

When you do shop, you can shop more purposefully because you know exactly what you need. 

Try the 7 Seven Second Rule: if it take longer than 7 seconds to decide when you try something on, it's an automatic no. 

That's it!

A capsule wardrobe in 5 simple steps. There's obviously more than one way to create a capsule wardrobe but for a simple, easy, one, it's worked!

And here is an example of a capsule we've put together for this season!

Good luck, Sophie xx

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