Dress In Clothes That Fit


Our fashion hot tip of the week. 

Properly fitting clothes create definition and outline your shape in the best way possible. When the seams and darts align properly, they have the ability to uplift and shape you. There is nothing worse than wearing an oversized cardi, big pants and sloppy tees. Create structure. Make definition. Add a blazer instead of a cardi.

As you progress through life your body changes. You size might not have changed but your shape may have. Its always a good idea to measure yourself and your clothes that fit well.  For example, if you’re a size 12. And you know your bust fits well in a 50cm wide top (lying flat). Then that is your key measurement when shopping online. A lot of styles even within brands differ.

Sometimes as we get older, we think wearing bigger is better. Or we have desires to fit into something as we are ‘losing weight’. I believe you need to dress / buy for NOW. Not later. There is nothing worse than still seeing the pants you bought for when you lost that ‘kgs, still hanging in your wardrobe.

Embrace the change. Be open to new shapes you have never tried. It might just surprise you, something that never used to suit now does.

Experiment until you feel good.

Remember no one sees the size tag – ever! So cut it off if that’s what’s holding you back on shopping what fits rather than size!

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Love Sophie xx

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  • Love this look with the jacket over the fitted dress.  That's what I need! Thanks for the tips!!
  • Can't access the over 60 tips and I really, really want/need to 😊
  • Thanks for your ideas.
  • Jo
    Thanks !!! Great tips.

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