What is David Pond designing this time?What is David Pond designing this time?

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David Pond Summer

David is always different, timeless and throws something a little cooky into the mix. This Summer is no different. The three major areas from David is Glamour, Monochrome and Bold Looks.


Beautiful black and gold combinations with a spark of fun. Sequins, metallic and all things shiny you are attracted too. Perfect for weddings, balls and when you just want to look AMAZING!

David Pond Black and Gold Summer 15 New Arrivals

You can never go wrong with monochrome. Well actually...the only person I have met yet that it doesn't suit is my Mum - she has orange hair and it looks too harsh for her fun personality.
But apart from my Mum this look is needed in everyone's wardrobe. Mix and match prints and patterns on the top and bottom for a pure David Pond Look.

david pond monochrome

Bold looks

Here is where David Ponds unique style comes out to play. Colour is needed to brighten up the dreary days (yes I do live in the South Island) Oversized prints and designs can make the statement you are after. The retro style is also on its way back so look out for David's version.
Take a look at David Pond and Toby (Davids sister label) shop here.

David Pond Colour

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