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Makeup is a daily problem we all face.

The major issues I have are what should I be using and how can I apply it all in 5 mins, so I'm not late to work?

I had absolutely no advice growing up. I didn't have the youtube tutorials, and it wasn't my Mum's strong suit (sorry Mum!). I find lots of people are in the same boat, so last year I organised three different beauty experts to come and show a few customers in store their best tips and tricks; 

Carlae from CKM Beauty Thearpist -Timaru - 027 210 5556
Di Thomas from Body 'N' Beauty Worx  Ashburton - 03 308 2266
Julia Kerr Hair & Makeup - Oamaru - 021 190 0390

It was fascinating listening to all of them. Every expert had slightly different ways of applying and ideas on what works best. This made me feel better about what I was doing as it really just depends on what works best for your face. But I learnt a lot, so I have decided to share a couple of useful pointers and a few amazing products I subsequently bought;

1.   Brows make the girl.
You can have well-groomed eyebrows and add a bit of colour and definition to make your eyes pop without even having to apply eyeshadow. I'm all for timesaving, so this is great for me. Check out this image of where and when your brows should start and end and lift up to in relation to your eye and nose (in an ideal world!).


Brow tattooing is extremely popular at the moment too if you are brave enough!

I bought from Julia a Lauren & Louise Brow Mascara $49. It's so simple, it finds all your hairs and slightly darkens them plus fills in a few blanks. So much easier than getting a pencil and trying to be an artist! It's available in three colours, deep brunette, brunette and blonde. Definitely worth a go - I promise.

2.   Lashes Love.
Anyone else get sore eyes, or rub your eyes because mascara irritates you?  Di from Body 'N' Beauty Worx has the best solution - Eye of Horus - buy it here $44. It's perfect for sensitive eyes and making your eyes stand out. I have seen it in action, and it looks fabulous.

Another pointer when applying mascara is to hold your mouth to the left and squint, haha jokes. More seriously you should also put mascara on the top of your lashes, so apply the top first and then the underneath like usual - it will give more volume. Who knew!?? 

Another one I'm guilty of.. don't pump your mascara. You should be gently pulling it up and twirling at the same time to distribute the product evenly. 

3.   Put a touch of concealer around the sides of your nostrils - where the shadows are. Sounds odd but it works! It makes you look less tired and takes away some of the attention from your nose width and hides blackheads. So simple yet very clever.

4.   Throw away your makeup remover! So this I have used and used, and it is brilliant. Take it Off - Makeup Cloth. So you just wet it and rub your face and voila! All your makeup has gone. So much easier than trying to wash your face with multiple products or only with soap and water in the basin (well that's how I used to do it - if I actually didn't just sleep with it on - eeekk....sorry Carlae). And they are machine washable. Carlae sells these for $24.99

So there are SO many things you could be doing and supposedly should be doing, but really who has the time? That's why I love these products and think these tips can actually help - I hope!

Thanks so much to the experts who came and helped us learn. If you want to contact any of them, the links are in blue above.

Do you have any tips to share? Post them on the Preen Sisters Styling Page

Good luck
xx Sophie


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