The Bomber is BackThe Bomber is Back

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The Bomber Is Back

The bomber has been trending worldwide with Kanye, Kim & Gigi leading the charge. Who are they, I hear you ask? Don't worry, I say! The important part is that bombers are working their way back into our fashion world and you need to get on board. The bomber is a versatile garment; you can find ones in varying weights for all seasons and different lengths for your desired look. Pair your bomber with your black skinnies, heels and white tee for a fresh look. Don't be afraid to wear your bomber over your cute (or sexy) dresses for a sportswear look.

bomber jackets nz

Bombers are also going hand-in-hand with two other HUGE trends; embroidery and patches. Patches are very cool (even an obsession), you will find them on your denim jackets, sweaters or even tees. Embroidery has not yet reached NZ in force, but it will feature a lot more in Winter 17. I have just finished buying for Winter, I know these looks are coming from all your favourite labels. 

patches david pond jacket

David Pond: New Edgy Denim Jacket $339.90

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