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Proposal In Paradise

It was
the last night of our holiday in Rarotonga. We were on Island Aitutaki which is a beautiful Island inside a huge coral reef. The weather was great and the water was perfect, except for few sea slugs. After learning the slugs kept the sand clean, they became a lot more tolerable!

Rarotonga Aitutaki Island
View from our room in Aitutaki

Over the week, I had been focusing really hard on reading, sunbathing and drinking Pina Colada's. Momentarily I changed over to work mode. I announced I really needed to take some photos for my blog, being the last night I better do it now!

Hamish, my man of nearly 11 years piped up and said he would be in the photos. I remember thinking his enthusiasm was quite odd but I definitely did not want to discourage this interest. Pip our friend (we were on her honeymoon) said she would take the photos. I am extremely un-photogenic and a little awkward when it's photo time, so when the shoot began I was thinking purely about work and trying not to look like a complete idiot.

After a minute or so of Pip, tap tap tapping the iPhone, Ham suddenly said "Well now's as good a time as ever" got down on one knee and popped the question! I was completely caught by surprise and absolutely "frothing" with excitement.

Sophie proposal
After the proposal | Sophie wearing: Sass Sookie Skirt, Memo Stretch Lace Top and Stussy X Back Crop

Pip our photographer forgot her job and ran down the beach screaming with excitement. The celebrations and excitement continued into the night and keep continuing. With running the risk of sounding very corny, I actually have not been able to stop smiling. Who knew four words, "Will you marry me?" would mean so much.

sophie proposal diamond
Diamond from The Ringmakers Timaru with initials engraved on the metal to make the band (Thanks Graeme)

Sophie xx
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