InVEST in yourself - How to wear a vest this summerInVEST in yourself - How to wear a vest this summer

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A vest is a must-have piece for summer, for the young or ladies with experience. This trend is best balanced with a fitted silhouette underneath, which could be skinny jeans or a fitted dress. The length of the dress in comparison to the length of the vest is important. Ideally the vest should finish above the dress but it's all about balance. Don't let the vest bring you down, if you need extra height get those wedges back out!

Mum and Me
Here are two different vest looks, featuring Mum and me. My Mum lovingly agreed to do this shoot BUT she wanted to make sure that everyone knows shes not a proper model. I think she looks great though! Go Mum!

how to style a vest

how to style a vest sophie

Streetstyle inspiration from the pros how to wear your vest this season.
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