Dressing Up Dressing Down - Featured in Latitude MagazineDressing Up Dressing Down - Featured in Latitude Magazine

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Dressing up, dressing down
As seen in Latitude Magazine

Do you get frustrated with your wardrobe?
Do you never have anything to wear?
Are you hesitant on buying a dress because you will only wear it once? 

It’s a common feeling; don’t worry you are not alone. Dressing every day can be tough! In the morning I can change up to three times before deciding on what to wear! Anyone else – or is that just me?! Let’s try and simplify your daily woes with a few tips on dressing up and dressing down to create a more versatile wardrobe. 

1.   Invest in different accessories. Jewellery is an easy way of changing a look, wear refined pieces for dressy, larger pops of colour for a more casual look. Neutral colours are easy to match with prints and impact colours.

2.   Bags give your outfits personality and sets the scene for the outfit.

3.   Buy a denim or navy jacket – this will make you outfit especially dresses instantly more casual

4.   Shoes can be that one item that will change the whole look, try a casual pair of sneakers (not the sports shoe type!!)

5.   If you have a button up shirt or dress, make it casual by wearing it open over the top of a plain tee, paired with ¾ pants and sandals.   

Let’s take your classic look, perhaps that dress you’ve only worn once at a wedding, Gucci handbag (we wish!) and Prada heels. Now let’s strip that back, change the heels for a shiny metallic slide, exchange the handbag for a fun colourful over the shoulder bag and pop a fresh white denim jacket over the top. Congrats, you have taken that dress (you never thought you’d wear again) from the wedding of the year to lunch with your girlfriends.  The same applies to that top you are saving for your wedding anniversary dinner.  There are no rules that apply when you purchase a lovely garment, nor does a price tag define whether it’s for "good” or casual. If it has a hefty price tag, the more reasons to try and find any excuse to wear it!

Take this challenge, try and create three looks with your top; evening, smart casual  & every day.

Most days you are in a hurry, so making minimal changes to create the evening look is key. Try to either add or remove items. Adding a clutch, earrings and a fitted jacket, with a change of shoes will transform most outfits into evening attire.  Make the most out of your wardrobe and add things that will work with it. You are the only person putting the restrictions on when and where you can wear something. If you start wearing those "good” dresses every day, you will notice the compliments and start having fun with dressing every day. 
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Here's an example so you get the idea!
Verge Signal Top paired with
For Everyday Loobies Story OC Jacket, Pleat Slides, Verge Harvey Shorts & Rosefield Watch.
Smart Casual Loobies Story Avenue Jacket, Verge Ashton Crop Jeans, Valeria Grossi shoes (sold out), Quay Sunnies

Good luck
xx Sophie
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