Couch To Wine - Blenheim Must Do - Saint Clair Vineyard Half MarathonCouch To Wine - Blenheim Must Do - Saint Clair Vineyard Half Marathon

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Couch To Wine - A Blenheim Must Do! 

A year ago 
my couch and wine went well together, probably a bit too well and too often - but who's judging??! I would have never imagined I could be fit enough to run 21km. Because of a couple of crazy friends and the Saint Clair Marathon in Blenheim, this became a reality. Yes, those friends that tell you to sign up to something because it will be fun!?  

The weather was stunning, views were breathtaking, the event was well organised, and people of all abilities were there to have fun. There are three categories Run, Hybrid and Walk. I did the hybrid; they described this at the start line "those who can't make up their mind, should I run or should I walk?". For me it was a safety net, I didn't have the pressure of running if I hadn't put the training in.

As predicted, I hadn't put the training in as my work life balance was a little skewed at this point. I had done a couple of 10kms and was only doing 5km comfortably. Against all the rule books and the training guides, the week before I pulled out a 16km because I thought if I can do 16km I can do 21km. My back flared up, and I had to rest until two days prior when I did a 4km run just to check I could still run. But hey, I'd heard I could drink wine on the way round and walk if I needed, so I wasn't particularly concerned.

The course winds through 22 vineyards, alongside the Wairau River and finishes back at St Clair Vineyard. The day was magic, and the autumn colours were stunning. Along the way, there were bands, taste stations and supporters to keep you going. I was lucky enough that a good friend Simone was running with me (even though she could have left me in the dust) It made the whole experience more fun.

Now if you know me, you will know I am one of those competitive people you don't like to invite to social games. As per usual, this streak took over when I knew I could physically complete the course. I didn't break any records but every person in the last 5km ahead of me, I had to beat! The music, the sorbet Chardonnay and cheers from our support team, made this day unforgettable. 
My parting words were "We need to do this every year". So if you need something to make you motivated, even want a big walk with a group of friends I would recommend this to everyone. It does sell out every year though, so sign up early.

xx Sophie (the turtle)

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